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Perfection in quality, Superior Craftsmanship and extremely affordable costs. Top quality leather is graded with international standards and inside protections are ensured with international standards that are strictly observed over roads.
We are here to serve you in the best way and hope you would really find our products suitable to your needs. We are at your disposal all the times to serve you.
Our quality system is well versed and our products comply with all the requirements of our customers. We are eager serve your esteemed and prestigious organization on the basis of our best quality products, very reasonable prices, just in time delivery and excellent services, which are also the hallmark of our company.

Gloves Collection » New Weight Lifting gloves
Name: Cross Training Gloves With Wrist Support For Weightlifting & Fitness, Silicone Padding WODs, Gym Workout, No Calluses For Men & Women The Best Weight Lifting Gloves
Art No. 36
Size: Available in all Size
Color: Available in all Color
SAY GOODBYE TO CALLUSES FOR GOOD! Do you like doing WODs or bodybuilding with calluses and blisters? We didn't think so! Our Cross Training Gloves prevent calluses and blisters from forming, no matter what type of workout you're doing.
GET A STRONGER GRIP IMMEDIATELY! These gloves have ample silicone padding to keep your grip firm at all times. When you wear our Cross Training Gloves, your grip will never slip and you won't have to deal with sweaty hands.
GIVE YOUR WRISTS THE SUPPORT THEY NEED. Much better than wrist wraps Levior impex Training Gloves give your wrists maximum support and stability, so you can get stronger without getting injured.
THE PERFECT GLOVES FOR ALL TYPES OF WORKOUTS. Whether you're doing WODs, bodybuilding, practicing gymnastics, swinging kettlebells, using Nautilus equipment or doing any other type of workout, your hands will be totally protected.
FOR BOTH MEN AND WOMEN. Whether you're male or female, we have a size for you. IT'S ALL ABOUT COMFORT! These gloves are fully adjustable for maximum comfort. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED! If for any reason you're not satisfied with our Cross Training Gloves, return them within 60 days and we'll refund your money! You can also return them within 1 year for a replacement if they don't last as long as you expected.
Name: Wrist Wraps Weightlifting Bykottos + Pouch! Men & Women Wrist Support Braces For Weight Lifting, Powerlifting Workout, Bodybuilding - Fitness Wrist Wraps - Crossfit Wrist Wraps
Art No. 34
Size: Available in all Size
Color: Available in all Color
HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: Our wrist wraps are made with PREMIUM HIGH QUALITY materials, twice the strength of cotton, breathable fabrics to prevent extra sweat and allergies. Double stitched and longer HEAVY DUTY VELCRO for a PERFECT GRIP to stabilize your wrists. Strong and comfortable THUMB LOOP TO PREVENT SLIDING for better wrist support. All these in a cool zipper pouch, that makes us unique on the market.
BENEFITS AND USES: Weight lifting is safer and easier with secured wrists. ACHIEVE BIGGER GAINS SAFELY. Better wrist support to INCREASE STRENGTH and prevent wrist strain, sudden twists or any wrist injuries. Eliminates annoying pain in wrist cartilage and ligaments and INCREASE NUMBER OF REPS. Lifting wrist straps for any strength training that involves hands and creates tension in wrists: bench press, cleans, jerks, dumbbell, kettlebell
OUR MISSION: Our passion for sports is boundless. No one is more dedicated than us. Our goal is to help others enjoy it as much as we do, in the safest and the best possible way. Whether is about Fitness, Bodybuilding, Crossfit, Yoga, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, Gym Training, xFit, wod, our products are made to help, improve and guide you through your journey.
COMFORT AND ADJUSTABILITY: Designed for any type of wrist, small, medium and large, our wrist braces are EASY TO ADJUST, with NO CUTTING EDGES. The wrist protectors will brace and SECURE YOUR WRIST JOINT like no other. We recommend our wrist bands for both men and women for FULL WRIST STABILITY and FAST RECOVERY after long sessions.
CUSTOMER CARE PROMISE: Unlike others, Bykottos offers COMPLETE CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, period. If for any reasons you are not happy with our wrist wraps, contact us directly, WE LOVE TO HELP! We have NO INCENTIVIZED REVIEWS, only true, honest client reviews, and we take pride in that. CHOOSE WISELY, CHOOSE QUALITY
Name: Ultimate Cross Training Gloves By Levior Impex – Gym Workout Hand Protectors, Weightlifting & Crossfit WOD Wraps For Men & Women, Stylish & Comfortable Exercise Wrist Guards
Art No. 35
Size: Available in all Size
Color: Available in all Color
PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM CALLUSES & BLISTERS – Discover the most efficient way to prevent calluses and blisters while lifting weights or cross training! AMRAP Gear’s strong and comfortable crossfit and fitness gloves will make sure that your palms, fingers and knuckles are protected from abuse and will allow you to have a better grip!
SUPPORT YOUR WRISTS BY RELIEVING PRESSURE – Whether you are deadlifting, bench pressing or doing chin-ups, or swinging a kettlebell you need to support your wrists and prevent injuries. Our ergonomic weightlifting gloves feature durable wrist guards, which will act like extra tendons and ligaments, thus supporting your wrists and relieving pressure on your hands. Plus, the fully adjustable Velcro straps will guarantee a snug and comfortable fit!
LIFT MORE WEIGHT & BOOST YOUR TRAINING – Designed by experienced athletes in the USA, AMRAP Gear’s crossfit and workout gloves will help you lift more weight due to their enhanced grip. The weight will be distributed to your forearms instead of pressuring your fingers and palms and as a result you will be able to lift more weight and reduce tension on your hands. Wearing our elite and stylish, black fingerless gloves will allow you to exercise like never before!
MAXIMIZE YOUR PERFORMANCE WITH SUPERIOR-QUALITY GYM GLOVES – Strength training, cross training, Olympic weightlifting, crossfit or any upper body exercise can take a toll on your hands and wrists. Our breathable and protective workout and cross training gloves will offer you unparalleled support and comfort due to the hybrid neoprene & silicone construction and durable design. You will be able to perform better, lift more weight and never miss a workout due to calluses or blisters!
100% RISK FREE PURCHASE:Levior impex , we have absolute faith in our cross training gloves. After all, we use them ourselves! If, however, there’s anything wrong with the pair you receive, don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll do everything in our power to make your experience a satisfactory one. **Please use our REVISED sizing guide to the left to measure your hand and order the perfect fit**
Name: New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves With Built-In Wrist Wraps, Full Palm Protection & Extra Grip. Great For Pull Ups, Cross Training, Fitness, WODs & Weightlifting. Suits Men & Women
Art No. 31
Size: Available in all Size
Color: Available in all Color
Extra Support and easy adjustable
EXTRA LEATHER PADDING: Say goodbye to calluses! Made from neoprene and reinforced with a split leather layer, our premium Cross training glove brings you the best palm padding possible.
INTEGRATED WRIST WRAPS: Specially designed weightlifting wrist wraps offer both men and women the best training experience and superior support.
STRONG GRIP: The unique palm design strategically developed to enhance comfort will give you a better grip whether you are into weightlifting, cross training, or fitness.
COMFORT - Thoughtfully engineered Velcro closure straps helps you adjust your wrist wraps for a perfect fit without losing tension during your workout. Anti-sweat neoprene material keeps your weightlifting gloves and hands dry and your grip strong.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR: bar routines like pull ups, chest to bar, muscle ups, toes to bar (t2b), knees to elbow (k2e), muscle ups or kettlebell swings, power lifting, power cleans, deadlifts, snatches, gymnastics and high-rep WODs. We designed our hand wrap gloves to improve YOUR performance! They would also make a great gift for a friend.
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